BSTL Attention Autism Kit

We have been kindly given permission by Gina Davies (creator of the Attention Autism programme) to create an AA bucket kit

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A BASIC STARTER KIT FOR STAGE 1 ONLY- YOU CAN FIND OUT HOW TO DO ALL STAGES AT: (Gina Davies YouTube channel - PLEASE WATCH BEFOREHAND) Attention Autism is a programme designed to increase communication skills such as joint attention, listening and turn taking. It is useful for lots of disabilities (not just autism!) but perhaps best for children under 6 years old. It is normally delivered by trained professionals (such as speech and language therapists) but is a fantastic resource for in the home too. Basic principles - please head to and the Gina Davies YouTube channel (above) FIRST to see how to do this. 1) There are 4 stages: attention builder (bucket), attention sustainer, turn taking, and independent task. This kit provides resources for the first stage (bucket). 2) Children are not meant to touch the toys at stage 1, you may need a supporting adult to help keep them seated. 3) Show excitement and enthusiasm each time you reveal the toys. 4) If you get stuck I'm happy to do a Zoom session to help you out - email me at AS ALWAYS USE OF THE LIBRARY TOYS MUST TAKE PLACE UNDER SUPERVISION AND IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. THERE ARE SMALL PARTS (CHOKING HAZARD) IN THIS KIT