While we do the utmost to ensure our toys are safe, ultimately the parents are

responsible for their children's safety. Children must be supervised at all times while using the toys.

New toys are always being added - please also check out our Facebook page.'


Our Items

SOS Meltdown Kit


Weighted Blanket 7lbs

Weighted Blanket.PNG

2 Available

Domed Bubble Mirror

Domed Bubble Mirror.PNG

Set of 4 Liquid Sensory Tiles

Liquid Sensory Tile.PNG

Fibre Optic Lights

Fibre Optics.PNG

Peanut Ball

Peanut Ball.PNG

'Active Gym in a bag'

Gym in a bag.PNG

Red Floor Spinner

Floor Spinner.PNG

Wobbel Balance Board

Wobbel Board.PNG

Sensory 'Tuff Tray'


Stretchy Body Sock

Body Sock.PNG

Single Compression Blanket

Compression Blanket.PNG

Soft Play

Soft Play.PNG

Bubble Tube Lamp

Bubble Tower.PNG

2 Available

'Squeezey' Backpack

Squeezy Backpack.PNG

Ball Kit

Ball Kit.PNG

Early Years Box

Early Years.PNG

Teenage Fidget Pack

Teenage Fidget Box.PNG

Egg Chair

Egg Chair.PNG

2 Available



2 Available

'Cause and Effect' Kit

Cause and Effect Kit.PNG


'Building' Set

Building Set.PNG

Crawl Tunnel

Crawl Tunnel.PNG


Light Projector

Abstract Lights


Starlight Mat

Starlight Mat.PNG

Mini Trampoline

Mini Trampoline.PNG

Whizzy Dizzy

Whizzy Dizzy.PNG

Dark Den

Dark Den.PNG

UV Ladder

UV Ladder.PNG

Light Panel

Light Panel.PNG

Dyslexia Kit


Green Scooter Bike

Scooter Bike.PNG

BSTL Attention Autism Kit

Attention Autism.PNG

We have been kindly given permission by Gina Davies (creator of the Attention Autism programme) to create an AA bucket kit

Large Fibre Optics

Large Fibre Optics.PNG

Fitball Chair


Complex Needs Kit

Colorful Book Spines