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The unseen work of disability and caring

If you see me on my phone, sometimes I'm mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, but most of the time I'm doing one of these:

- Reading and checking reports, documents, letters 

- Reading and trying understand the legal position of above, eg if they comply with the SEND Code of Practice

- Arguing with the local authority, I'll just leave that here...

- Researching safe places, sensory toys, specialist equipment, particular therapies, conditions, etc etc

- Looking at and purchasing seam free socks, sensory friendly clothes, specialist equipment 

- Booking, changing or managing appointments 

- Emailing therapists, teachers, specialists

- Reading the SEND news to look for updates in our world

- Watching Mr Tumble (which wouldn't ordinarily be my idea of fun )

- Seeking advice from support groups (which by the way are an absolute wealth of knowledge)

Remember, just because you can't see it, or don't get paid for it, doesn't mean it's not work!

*Edit to add this link to an article on increase of caring responsibilities in Covid-19 crisis:

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